smart warehouse management system

If you are suffering from being overstocked or understocked, that means you need to control your warehouses better. This could look impossible but with the correct warehouse management system you will see that it is not that hard.
With the experience of almost 20 years of our expert staff, we know the most satisfying warehouse management. We record the temperature and humidity values of the food products when we manage your warehouse. Our smart warehouse management system warns you by a message and an e-mail when the values are off the limits, the limits which are determined by you.
The things we manage with our smart warehouse management system, WAREHOUSETech;

Smart Warehouse Management System

Product, customer, supplier, vehicle etc. defintions

Unlimited and flexible location, depot, shelf; temperature, humidity definitions

Weight measurement at custom enterance, labeling, adressing (RFID usage)

Packing, casing, palleting

Placing in the warehouse, transferring from one warehouse to another

Order/Delivery operations (FIFO, LIFO, Location, Depot, Customer)

Smart loading and shipping commands

Departures from warehouse

Controlled shipment

Current movements, billing, cost control

Reporting system (developable by users)

Integratıon to  your accounting systems

If you are producing and selling a lot, you have to keep your warehouses updated. We guarantee you this will be provided with our WAREHOUSETech application.

The basic advantages your corporation will earn by using WAREHOUSETech Smart Warehouse Management Solution; 

  • %15-25 reduction in inventory value
  • %25-40 increase in your workpower efficiency
  • %20-35 improvement in shipment accuracy
  • Over %99 accuracy in inventory at each location
  • Increase at satisfying the orders
  • Decrease in expends of direct operation and increase in general income

Smart Warehouse Management System

Operational gaining besides smart warehouse system;

  • Wrong placements or lost stocks
  • Calling times
  • Tracks on manual papers
  • Human mistakes
  • Labor and overtime
  • Inventory track
  • Material room needs
  • Stocklessness
  • Loading errors
  • Instant inventory from mobile computers
  • Stock circuit times
  • Depot and location optimizations
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Satisfying customer rates
  • Order & shipment track
  • Stock circuit movements and inventories
  • Customer service
  • Production planning
  • Stock level performances
  • Efficiency increase