Slaughterhouse Producing Systems

Weighbridge Management System

The plans of cutting and vehicle which are held get transferred to this module. Weighbridge user chooses the vehicle which is planned before and weighs the full and empty weights and gets weighbridge results.
Spontanious alive animal weighing and any kind of end product weighing takes place in this module. This module works full integrated with live hanging module.

Live Hanging Module

SidebarWith this module the vehicles which have alive subjects in themselves which will drive through weighbridge get managed. The chicks which are in the slaughtering line get counted and recorded to the system by a sensor. FIFO gets applied, statistics of the chicks per minute get collected. Flock-based cull, death during transporting and the other losses can be tracked. Flock-based total weight, the quantity of the slaughtered and cull information are integrated with broiler system.

Production by Order Module

Sidebar All of the orders from the shipment planning module (optional) could be reported on customer or product breakdowns. This module gets information from the scanners which are placed on production bands and that syncs with the order by considering order loading priorities and the other rules and creates and sends a new code-128 supported, customer addresed, traceable, pallet and depot informed case&pack label to the applicator.
With this new label, production by order module gets considered “ordered” on the order tracking monitor and that could be instantly tracked and reported.
In production by order module, orders can be satisfied by opening new orders from the fresh depot (inventory). Also the surplus items can be labeled on this module adressed to the inventory or shock frozen depot.

Palletization Module

Sidebar The cases which are labeled by production by order module get tracked by their information of customer (order no.), pallet, depot etc… This module contains palletization application which works on pocket pc and the whole process works by automation.

Cold Air Storage Management Module


  • Depot definiton and adressing
  • Depot compartment tracking by metal barcode or RFID
  • From production by order module adressed producing, labeling and palleting to the depot
  • Slot-based tracking of depot compartments on application
  • Tracking of each slot
  • Depot inventory by one report
  • Pallet tracking by FIFO
  • Depot management pocket pc application

Shipment Management Module

Sidebar This module manages the loading of the orders to the vehicles from fresh or shocked frozen depots.
Operation begins with taking the loading orders out. These orders get scanned by pocket pc and full control gets provided in loading progress.