Production And Slaughter Planning

Ordering Portal (B2B)

The portal which provides the operation ability to the customers who have deals with departments, dealers or directly with the center. Various supervisory reports can be collected by entering the determined criteria (the obligation of typing the order until a determined hour, risk control which is integrated to sales system) of daily fresh products, shocked frozen products etc…

Order Optimization Module

Poultry Production This module plans the optimum production planning according to the arriving orders’ part-balance, the amount of slaughter, product tree, order cutback and order sharing rules. It destroys the whole manual operation and the mistakes, analyzes the supervisory production planning and tracks the ups and downs in the ordering, by using the order-trend reports.

Finished Product Shipping Module

Poultry Production Systems This module plans the shipment of the orders which are planned to produce. It calculates the optimum unloading points of the customers which are defined on the parametric-structured application also according to vehicle capacitiy and vehicle kilometer values. Basically this module contains the following abilities;

  • Vehicle & Route planning
  • Order integration
  • Finance management (settlements)
  • Accounting (bill) integration
  • Vehicle temperature value integration

Capacity Management Module

Production Software This module plans the whole supply and equipment necessities for the orders which are transferred to production module.

Slaughter and Vehicle Planning Module

Automation Systems This module plans the ideal flock choice for the orders automatically by using the information from the current broiler pen age, average grammage, quantity when it is full integrated to live operation modules. Also data can be integrated to the order optimization by typing manually the information of the flock which is to be slaughtered on the aimed grammage. After the choosing of the flocks to be slaughtered, the information of truck and trailer, the and the time of slaughter get planned. This planning could be also done by live operation or by logistic in another menu. Completed plans of slaughter and vehicle get transferred to the weighbridge management system.