ABBTech Poultry Live Production Systems

All of the integration-operation processes are related to production system and recorded by “Live Production Systems Management” application which leads live producing management by generating analysis under the main titles such as Region, Veterinary, Breed, Feeding Factory, Breeder, Broiler Farms.

The results which are analyzed by created data and breed-based standarts could be made easily and the performance could be tracked instantly.
Live Management Software contains 6 main modules. These modules are Pullet Management System, Breeder Management System, Broiler & Layer Management System, Incubation Management System, Feed Management System, Producer Settlement Management System which all work full-entegrated.

Pullet Management System Module

Poultry Production Pullet Management System begins with the breeder chicks which are placed in the farm and continues until the transferring of the chicks to the breeder farms. The performance data like feed consumption, death, cull, homogenity etc… among the weeks 1st through 20th are kept in this module and converted to flock-based daily and weekly analysis.
Farm-flock-pen info are collected from the field by the pocket-pc application named “Breeder Track” and converted to progress analysis which all provided by this module.

Breeder Management System Module

Chicken Processing Many kind of performance data like farm & pen female and male inventory (weekly and cumulative), death, cull, sex errors, grammage, total, breeder, dirty, double-yolk, broken, hidden cracks, ground egg, production numbers, the number of the eggs that are transferred to the incubation, the number of the breeder eggs which are produced in the incubation, the number of the healthy or cull chicks, productive efficiency, chick weight, the number of the breeder eggs and eggs which are producted per female, average of the amount of consumption of feed for female and male, grammage purchases, water consumption, lighting, humidity are tracked.
Farm-flock-pen info are collected from the field by the pocket-pc application named “Breeder Track” and converted to progress analysis which all provided by this module.

Incubation Management System Module

Poultry Production Systems This module begins with the enterance of the information of breeder and cull eggs to the incubation egg room. The breeder eggs which are selected get producted and their data gets transferred to breeder management system. The operation of chick placement in the broiler field or the sales are provided by this module. Briefly, the results which are based on the production machines, the age of the eggs-in-waiting, flock age, breeder farm info and finishing efficiency and also breakout reports are converted to supervisory analysis by incubation management system.
Also various reports like weekly & monthly egg inventory, egg sales, produced eggs, produced chicks, efficiency according to the produced chicks, cull chicks and efficiency of the saleable chicks could be collected from the system.

Broiler Management System Module

Sidebar This module manages the whole process from chick placement to the broiler farms to their shipping to the slaughterhouse. With the placements in the farm-pen hierarchy, various data like death(field), cull, weighing(field), grammage purchases, feed consumptions, slaughter amounts and weight are kept in this module. Also with this module the data of region, veterinary, breed, weekly weight, weekly deaths, the amount of placed , the amount of slaughtered, kilogram averaged, average slaughtering age,FCR and if wanted EPEF (European Performance Effective Factor) which is created by all these resulsts in the groups of farm-pen etc. are converted to supervisory analysis.
Farm-flock-pen info are collected from the field by the pocket-pc application named “Broiler Track” and converted to progress analysis which all provided by this module.

Feed Management System Module

Slaughterhouse Producing Systems Feed management system begins with the planning of the shipping of the feed for breed or pullet which is ordered or with the generating the automatic shipment orders which is created by feed management system with the projection. With this module the feed to be sent, it’s amount, the amount of days that it can cover and the next feed shipment plans can be calculated automatically according to the capacity of the farm-pen silo and the amount of the chicks which are placed in there. The breed of the chicks, the feed consumption tables which can be formed according to seasons and feed changing days are defined in the calculation paramatically.
Also the preparations of all of the feed shipment orders, creating the feed consignment notes, returning and cancelling operations can be done. All of the information about the shipments of the feed to the breeder and broiler farm-pens also available in the related pullet, egg and broiler management systems. With all these, also the vehicle information, farm-distance(km) information and the calculation and reports which will provide the basis for the shipment expenditure can be collected easily.
With it’s strong reporting skills the feed shipments which are planned and happened and also periodic consumption analysis can be generated easily.

Producer Settlement Management System

Automation Systems This module works integrated with all applications of “Live Management Systems” and calculates the settlements of broiler producers’. The amount of live subjects which are slaughtered, deadweight of live subjects (kg), feed consumptions (FCR), deaths, average grammage and slaughtering age and bounty & penalty structures are used in the calculations.
Also fuel aid, silo ait, other additional allowences and cutbacks could be tracked on this module and breeder manifacturers get created and integrated to the accounting application automatically.