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New Innovative Software Solutions For Food Industry

Innovative Software Solutions for Food Industrie

Company Profile

ABBTech was established as a side company in 2011 to the two main companies Biltest which was established in 1996 and Palmser which was established in 1999. We have a strong and efficient staff including IT supervisors and consultants which has been active in poultry and cattle sector and all of its integrations since 1995. Our main purpose is to provide professional applications and innovative solutions for all of the integrations of the food sector and present them internationally. The world yet stands without a one-pack solution which includes all of the integrations of integrated food sector. ABBTech with its almost 20-year-old experienced staff aims to provide the ideal solutions for this need.


Poultry Live Production Systems Our vision is to develop the best software technology which will operate, track and control all of the integrations of food sector and spread it all around the world to use.


Innovative Software Solutions for Food IndustrieAs a well-experienced consultant-software developer-system integrator technology company in its sector, with our strong and efficient staff, our mission is to hold projects which will enable our customers to be the most adventageous in this competition among the food sector and provide the most efficient usage of the most developed technology.


Project Managment

  • From analysis to installation, professional management by expert staff assigned to the project


  • Installation of all of the necessary hardware and equipments of software with our specialized staff
  • Installation of the hardware and enterance to the system, off of the production shift
  • Training during installation
  • Integration to the current ERP system
  • Well-rounded tests to make sure that software and hardware works efficiently


  • Providing special and necessary training to all-level employees
  • Satisfying the training needed during production or meeting which is chosen by the customer on the web page
  • Training of the key users
  • Observation of the level of the employees and renewal training if needed

Rebuilding the Production and Process

  • Analyzing all of the steps of production and process and creating the opportunuties to increase the production and decrease the expenditure
  • Standartization of work progress


  • 24×7 Turkish and English support line
  • Quick solutions with remote connection
  • Periodical checking
  • Instant support for emergency
  • Zero loss at the transition to the new version


  • Data collecting with pocket pc or tablet, solutions for palletization, storage and shipment
  • Providing and installing wireless network equipments in international standarts
  • Providing stainless steel and industrial different-sized scales, conveyors, applicators, barcode readers and printers, installation and training

Which Industries do we work with?

  • Red meat production(slaughterhouse) and further processing
  • White meat production(slaughterhouse) and further processing
  • Sea products breeding and processing
  • Integrated or not pullet, egg, broiler pen management
  • Integrated or not egg providing for incubation, storage, producing, transfer, broiler shipment or sales management
  • Integrated or not feed producing and shipment management, consignmenting and traceabilty
  • Turkey producing(slaughterhouse) and further processing
  • Live process management from turkey poult to slaughter
  • Cold air storage, loading and shipment management
  • Every sector which includes food producing
  • Further processing factories