Food safety defines the processing of the prevention of biological, physical and chemical effects which can cause food-basic diseases, getting them stored and ready to present to the consumer.
ABBTech controls and provides the traceability and makes it sure that they are suitable for the defined standarts.

Checking based on real time and raw material stocks and producing production receipt including getting ready to produce, shaping, filling, processing, classificating, cooking, cooling, keeping wait, packing, labelling, palleting, storing and dispatching operations. Every mix group’s raw material can be tracked and reported based on supplier, supply number and date.
Raw material storage movements, all of the mix and produce processing can be runned and watched instantly by hand held computer.
Meat and sea products (Ready to eat and ready to cook products etc…)
Milk products
Beverages (Juices, alcohol, non-alcohol etc…)
Canned products
Sugary products
Vegetable oil

Raw Material Reception and Inventory Management System

Raw Material Reception and  Inventory Management SystemRaw Material Reception and  Inventory Management System

  • Unlimited raw material categories and storage definition.
  • Weighing and labeling of raw materials at the recepion and inventoring by hand held computer. Creation of new inventories with supplier and group number, based on expiration dates.
  • Traceabilty of the raw materials according to FIFO and warning system for the products which are about to expire.
  • Traceability of the amount of stocked raw materials and abilty to create order automatically
  • Weighing and inventoring the WIP (Work in Progress) materials in order to reuse in the process, so traceability of matreials’ age and expiration date on the system. 

Mix Rations Management System

Mix Rations Management  System

  • Definition of usage rate for every raw material and similar raw material that will process for last products.
  • Daily production planning and raw material storage ordering according to FIFO.
  • Raw material scanning while preparing mix with hand held computers, weigh control for every mixing raw material and generating premix record based on group number and real-timed traceability of production.
  • Raw material, bulk and final product storages and treaceabilty of heat for mixes.
  • Traceabilty of discard based on defined performance points.
  • Traceability of inventory based on defined break-storage and processes
  • Providing of weighing and reusing later the mixes that returned from production.
  • Unlimited mix ration creating and preparing mix in control.
  •  Traceability of all other information with mixing raw materials (air tag for red meat), supplier, supplying date, supply group number.

Make To Order & Make To Storage Production Management System

Make To Order & Make To  Storage Production Management System

  • All of the orders that dispatched from optimization module can be reported at the breakpoints like customer and product. This module gets information from the laser barcod scanners which are located on production line, gets synchronized with the orders considering ordering priorities and the other rules, creates a new customer or storage adressed and code-128 supported case&package label (group numbered) and sends it over to the aplicator (the device that generates a barcode label and sticks to the package). (optional)
  • With that new label, “To Order Production” module subtracts the orders as “done” from the order monitoring, tracks and reports the produced percentage instantly.
  • Also traceabilty of mix number, palet,storage and customer can be done on the label or application.
  • Orders can be satisfied by ordering from fresh product or cold air storages in “To Order Production” module. Also surplus can be ordered to fresh or cold air storages on this module.
  • Every based on group number labelled case and package’s mix and quality control information can be reached on the application.
  • Traceability of product content can be provided on the corporate website by the group number if need be.

Palletization Management System

Palletization Management  SystemThe cases which have been labelled by “Make To Order & Make To Storage production” module can be tracked by customer (order number), mix number, palet, storage, traceability etc… informations. This module has a palletization application on hand held computers.
With the application on hand held computers, the cases and packages etc… which have reached to palletization area are scanned by the orders of customers (on the adressed cases) and placed on the pallets. The mistakes such as sending the wrong cases to the wrong customers are certainly prevented. Also the optional moves like pallet abolishing or pallet combining can be done on application.
When a pallet for an order of a customer completed, a pallet label sent to a printer, named “bell printer”, eventually. This label sticked on the streched pallet.
This label provides very quick and controlled dispatch and storage operations.
Also the orders which won’t be palletized can be transffered too.

Cold Storage Management

Cold Storage Management

  • Master information definitons are generated dynamically of 0, +4,-18 an -40 storages. Every cell gets an adress and labelled with a label which won’t effect any external factor in these information. After the definitions of storage, cell definitions are vertical and horizontal, which makes the operation complete dynamic.
  • In this manner, bulk and final product storages can be created intended numbers and dynamic.
  • Frozen product orders which are dispatched according to “to order production” are reserved based on final product production cell. In this manner after palletization has completed, by the pallet label which is recieved, the information about placing in cool air storage recieved.
  • Also the information of most suitable storage and cell placing for the unreserved frozen product orders are generated automatically. -40 and -18 storages’ pallets can be reported by unloading date and customers. Also reports can be based on FIFO or satisfying orders optionally.
  • Likewise, generating pallet according to cold air storage order (pallet abolishing and pallet combining) is provided by hand held computers. Pallet or case dispatching is not allowed unless the storage cell is picked right.
  • Pallet dispatches to the storage and pallet dispatches from the storage can be provided by hand held computers.
  • Also even the rented storages can be imaginary defined to the application and tracked.

Dispatching and Loading Management System

Dispatching and Loading  Management System

  • After dispatch planning, the orders of order loading that sent to the dispatch application transform into consignment note.
  • Orders are sent based on consignment number, orner number, license plate and order detail. Satisfying the orders from production, fresh product storage storage or frozen product storage are provided on the application.
  • Loading process begins with the printed loading commands and scanning of these commands on the hand held computers while loading the orders to the vehicles. Also the order numbers on the order commands prevent delivery mistakes.
  • Also the order numbers prevent loading mistakes. After scanning the loading commands by the hand held computers, closing the order is provided with scanning the unique pallet, case, package etc…
  • While processing, order-focused loading is checked and made sure that the pallets and the order-line is right and controlled loading is provided.
  • Loading of the pallets according to the dispatch and the orders is provided very quickly by scanning the pallet labels with the hand held computers.
  • The orders without palletization can ebe dispatched by scanning the case, package etc… only.
  • When the dispatch list is completed (after every orders got loaded and the consignment notes are prepared in a dispatch order) weight of case, pallet, discard is weighed of every loaded product and an truck exit cantar documentation is created.
  • With this form the vehicle gets to the weighbridge and the two weight gets compared.

FPTech Further Process Otomation System General Specialities and Benefits For Your Management

  • Preparing raw material supply commands automatically
  • Stocking for every raw material and instantly inventory control
  • Final product stock traceabilty
  • Unlimited define abilty  for performance and process points, traceability of discard
  • Real-time based inventorial traceabilty for raw material, bulk, waiting room and final product storages
  • Unique labelling for product, raw material grammage traceability
  • Real-timed profit info
  • Phase cost
  • Integration for HACCAP process
  • Record for every storage and inside-mix heat numbers. SMS and e-mail warning for authorized people in case of intrusion of given numbers
  • Full integration for PROTech, BPTech and PLANTech modules
  • Easiness for using  the applications such as wireless hand held computer, bell printer
  • Full control for ordering, production, palletization and dispatching
  • Traceability for the customers of your production on the corporation website provides
  • prestige,
  • guarantee of undoped production,
  • 100% traceability for the product,
  •  proof of  health-cared producing,
  • assurance traceabilty for stuff and quality,
  • information technology otomations for all of the production steps,
  •  brand familiarness, safety, profitability